This is the first screen after you tap, Catch Santa, 

from here you choose whether you want to take 

a new photo or use one from your gallery!

After you have your photo loaded, you will 

have some options to adjust with the 

controls on the bottom. When completed

hit the DONE button in the upper right to 

proceed to add Santa!

Once you tap on the Sticker button, you will

be presented with several options to choose 

from. Tap on the packs to see all of the Santa's.

Any previous customers purchases will be found

by scrolling down further.

Tap on the Santa Packs to show all of 

your options. Select a Santa you like by tapping

on him, that will insert him into the photo.

Once the Santa is in your photo, you can adjust

the brightness, contrast and some other

editing tools. While the box is present around

the sticker, editing will be enabled. 

After you are done editing, tap the blue check

mark to accept the changes. When done with 

any editing changes, tap the Done button in 

the upper right.

Once you are satisfied with your edits, tap 

Export to save your photo.

Download or share via your social platforms.