1- Please close all other apps running on your phone for best and fastest performance

2- Make sure you have an internet connection with a decent signal, we communicate with the Cloud so it is necessary

3- View our tutorial, to watch click here 

4- Make sure Santa is the right size! Have someone go stand in the scene before you record and size Santa based on them. Or use the Christmas tree as a gauge. If you tree is 7.5 feet, make Santa the appropriate size compared to that. 

5- Hold the camera as steady as you can when recording.

6- While keeping the camera steady you can move closer and further away from Santa to make it look like you are             sneaking up on him

7- After recording, please use our editing tools to create the most realistic video. 

    -The brightness and exposure can dramatically enhance the video image.

   -The crop and trim tool also let you remove parts of the video or shorten based on your preference