Depending on your setup the photos can be a few different places. 

  • We create a folder Named Capture The Magic (Master Blue App) or Capture The Magic of Santa (Red Christmas App).  There is a folder under DCIM folder that is the default camera folder named Capture The Magic (of Santa). This is where we send all photos made by our app. Additionally you can search the photo album Capture the Magic (of Santa) under the root Albums.  You can also check the GALLERY in-app and go to the CAMERA folder where the recently downloaded photo you created will appear within seconds to no more than a couple minutes.

  • For the Google Photos we do not manage or change, it is managed by the system default. On our test with default devices, with Google photo our images show up under the Google Photos within seconds to no more than a couple of minutes. If it take a long time it may be the Google Photo settings or the size of the photo as the image is first uploaded to Google then it is synced back to the device, depending on size it make take awhile.