Chances are you have iCould Photo Library turned on and optimized. As a result Apple changes the format of the photo to a much smaller image that our editor does not recognize. Follow the instructions below to save the photos to your device locally.

Save a Full Resolution Image from a Photo Stream to Local Storage on iPhone or iPad

  1. Go to the Photos app as usual, then choose the “Shared” tab at the bottom of the screen
  2. Shared photo streams in Photos app

  3. Navigate to the picture you want to save locally to your device, and then tap on it and let the image load on your iPhone or iPad screen
  4. Tap the sharing button in the corner (the box with an arrow flying out of it)
  5. Choose “Save Image” to save that single image to your device locally
  6. This saves a copy of the picture to your device so that it can be edited, passed along, or viewed offline, but the image will continue to be on the Photo Stream share too (unless it’s deleted, anyway). Repeat as necessary with other images if desired, or use the multiple selection trick to save a variety of pictures at a time.