Capture The Magic and the Capture The Magic Mobile app are products/services delivered to you by Magical Beliefs, LLC. 

We are a Northern Virginia based small business led by 2 Dads, Jim and Chris. 

We were founded in 2008 over a lunch meeting.  

The Magic is Jim's idea and he engaged with Chris over lunch to help him build his dream.

Our original mission was simple - Be able to digitally insert Santa into a photo of your own Christmas Scene at your house and prove to your kids that Santa did indeed visit.   The idea was that you can "Stage your camera" to "Catch" Santa in the act. We've both been inspired by the great Walt Disney and have carved out our way to deliver a MAGICAL EXPERIENCE for kids around the world.

We've been delivering on this promise for almost 10 years now and we're rapidly expanding our offerings. 

We genuinely want to exceed customer expectations and put SMILES on peoples faces - even if for only a moment - through the magic of digital photography and more exciting technologies to come.

Enjoy your creative experience with us. 

If you have any difficulties at all, contact through our Support Portal or send an email to